Rebecca works with senior leaders who have ambition to develop an inspiring vision for their school community; defining that vision, engaging stakeholders in strategy to achieve it, and seeing that strategy through to effective delivery is a complex process requiring an experienced facilitator you can trust. Rebecca’s ability to engage others in a journey of exploration and rigorous reflection is coupled with her wealth of knowledge, experience and personal integrity. High levels of challenge will ensure you leave no stone unturned, high levels of support will inspire the courage and curiosity to keep moving forward if the going gets tough. She will work with you with diligence, detail and commitment to take you where you want to be.


Sticky change is what we want – change that makes a real difference, that outlasts the intervention, that generates reflection and inspires ongoing development. Talk to Rebecca about shaping your vision and how she can help you bring it to fruition.



“Our journey with Rebecca began by shaping the vision. This involved gaining the voice of all stakeholders in our school in order for them to have a say in what our curriculum would look like. Parents/Carers, pupils, staff and Governors engaged in meetings, discussions and workshops facilitated by Rebecca. The feedback was amazing- positive yet challenging in many ways. We had the information as to what our school community wanted; now we needed a rigorous plan so that it could be achieved. Rebecca provided feedback to senior leaders and staff and worked with us to shape our journey, turning the vision into reality; taking into account staff training needs, pace and our capacity for the change process. The staff were pushed out of their comfort zone yet there was a feeling of excitement, a buzz that spread across the whole school. As our journey continued, Rebecca supported us in developing a planning structure for our new curriculum, trained the staff in elements of teaching in the classroom and continued to work with senior leaders to ensure that the implementation of the vision was effective. As a result of our work with Rebecca, we have in place an engaging curriculum, rich in enquiry led learning that is appropriate for our 21st century learners. Some of our most challenging children are reengaged in learning and making academic progress across the curriculum.” Sharon Bromley, Deputy Headteacher, Portland School & Specialist College (SEBD Provision)


“In short, Rebecca is inspirational. She has provided invaluable consultancy and training at each strand of influence from schools to Local Authority teams. Her high quality, highly interactive training is rooted in best practice pedagogy and leaves you with a sense of empowerment and motivation to implement all that she advocates. She has had significant impact in supporting the schools and Local Authorities I have been attached to in both language and literacy development. She has made significant inroads too with the engagement of parents, which has been pivotal in cultivating positive relationships between home and school. The most valuable component of Rebecca’s consultancy repertoire is how she models teaching and learning, with the children, for the practitioners with both energy and excitement. For this alone it makes her a diamond rarity in the world of consultancy.” Gareth Davies, Literacy Adviser


“Rebecca is an inspirational leader with a superb understanding of training styles and leadership attributes. She has excellent skills in strategic visioning and how to then translate the vision into a realistic action plan to successfully support implementation of organisational change and development. Rebecca is highly reflective and intuitive and completely committed to supporting individuals to achieve the highest possible standards in their field.” Sharon Bates, Educational Consultant/Practitioner now Headteacher



“People do not reject their own ideas, only those imposed upon them.” Rebecca Bell

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker

“Leadership is emotionally engaging others to achieve the right outstanding results.” Jo Shuttlewood, Perform-in-Business