DSCF8960Integrate Education is experienced as working with a wide cross section of organisations from small rural primary schools, large inner city secondary schools, local authorities and large blue chip companies.


Our work is keenly focused on Learning and Development and is rooted in the principles of Brain Friendly Learning, Creative Enquiry Led Learning Communities and Drama as a process for human development. Our work is enriched by coaching and thinking practices.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners are learning specialists who can work with you to create meaningful contexts and processes that inspire accelerated learning, positive mind-sets and attitudes to learning. Three things you need to know about us:



1  . We don’t just use practical skills and techniques, we inspire transformational learning environments.

2  . Our passion is a relentless search to balance teaching to the test with teaching for the tests of life.

3  . We build positive relationships and achieve measurable impact.

Our approach is simple, we create an environment in which all learners can build their confidence and stretch their potential. Whether you are an individual or learning in a group, Integrate Education can support you to make significant transformational changes that have a positive impact on the culture of learning and development in your setting.

For more information on our bespoke programmes, training opportunities and consultancy, please contact Rebecca Bell on 07742 596983 or email