Rebecca is an accredited coach using Relational Dynamics – a model which focuses on how we relate to each other, and how those relationships impact on our effectiveness. Individuals looking to improve their performance in the workplace, or increase their self-efficacy will benefit from coaching, either as a stand-alone intervention, or as a part of a broader staff development programme.


To work with groups we use Action Learning, a peer coaching model which is powerful in empowering participants to move themselves forward. Through a process of dynamic listening and questioning, the group thinks, learns and makes decisions together, holding each other to account for effective action. As a tool for generating positive action among teams, Action Learning can be invaluable.


Talk to Rebecca about what you’d like to achieve through a coaching intervention.




“WOW!!! Never have I had an experience that has encouraged me to dig deep, explore my insecurities, build upon my strengths and devise and action plan within an hour. The coaching sessions were thought provoking, reflective, forward thinking and left me with a creative buzz for my own practice and Leadership capabilities.” Lianne Burton, Lead Practitioner, Excel Academy


“I have sat on an Action Learning Set with Rebecca now for several years and during this time we have built up a strong trustworthy relationship. Rebecca is always professional in her actions and mindful of others in the group. She is a fantastic facilitator, able to change the pace, mood and complexity of any session as needed. She is able to ‘think on her feet’ and is extremely adaptable. Rebecca ensures that any session she leads on is enjoyable, thought provoking and beneficial to all that attend.” Tracey Smiles, Office Manager, Partners in Creative Learning

“Rebecca has superb understanding of mentoring and coaching practice. I have personally also felt extremely supported and brilliantly challenged by Rebecca as part of an Action Learning set. Rebecca models effective and inspirational practice herself in terms of her own skills development.” Sharon Bates, Headteacher, Mill Hill Primary


“Having such an excellent understanding of the protocol and process of Action Learning, Rebecca contributes enormously to the confidence and well-being of the group, helping us to maintain a safe environment in which confidentiality – so necessary for honest, open dialogue – is sacrosanct. She has a wide range of open questions at her fingertips and is skilled at following up questions with further questions in order to push for depth and clarity in our group and individual thinking. She is also always thrilled to discover new avenues of thought for herself and to share in reflecting how such discoveries resonate within sessions throughout the group. She is particularly good at facilitating the convergence of ideas into action, making sure that those actions will be useful, achievable and accountable.” Susanna Harding, Creative Practitioner



“You have everything you need inside of you to create anything in your life that you desire.”
Mike Baservic, Mastering the Mental Edge

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein